Various AR/VR Projects

I’m constantly trying to find new ways to apply augmented and virtual reality to my projects and interests while in school. Here are a few of the projects I’ve recently completed that have featured AR and VR. I have even more projects under development, which will hopefully be added soon!

Gutenberg Press Simulator

For my art history 2 class, our final project was to teach about the part of history we find most fascinating. I’ve always loved how innovative and impactful the Gutenberg press is, and I feel like the effects are often taught in classes. I decided to focus my project instead on teaching how it works, which I showcased in a VR tutorial process. I ended with a fully functional VR printing press, modeled and programmed in under 48 hours. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about different kinds of interactions in VR, and make a short educational experience entirely on my own.

AR Coasters

In my first industrial class, we were tasked to make 5 identical objects, ready to be purchased, constructed from wood and resin casted plastic. For my project, I chose to make wooden coasters that would allow for the user to play an AR game while they wait for the drink. I started with a plank of raw wood, milled it, cut it to size, laser burned it, took out a center section and then resin cast pieces of different colors to differentiate the coasters. I then made a simple one player 3D fighting game in Unity + Vuforia, and designed branding and packaging for the final product.